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SW301B is a kind of pure Polytetrafluoroethylene. It is featured by very fine mean particle size. SW301B is an ideal art-type additive. Due to its non-compatibility with the base resin, it can produce excellent texture effect film when the product is applied in powder coatings. Applicable to all kinds of powder coatings with low dosage and capable of providing distinct textured finishes.

Technical data


White powder or floccus



Particle size


Melting point


Application and property

1. Can be applied to all thermosetting powder coatings to produce texture effect.

2. The dosage is about 0.02%~0.5% of the total amount and specific dose shall be tested in the lab.

3. It can be mixed with other RMs and then extrude the mixture together.

4. The size of the film texture is relevant to the dosage of SW301B, the particle size and the film thickness. The more SW301B is, the smaller the texture is; the bigger of the particle size is, the bigger the texture is.

5. Fine and mean texture effects can be produced by adding some bentonite.

6. SW301A contains no Silica or Ketone and is stain resistant.

Gloss vs Dosage



Packing, storage and handling

Available in polyethylene-lined, multi-ply paper bags. N.W.:25kgs/bag.

Store in cool and dry place, keep away from fire.




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