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SSC Today

For more than 28 years SSC has witnessed the development of the powder coatings industry since its early establishment in 1985. What¡¯s more, SSC has always been an Active Player in this industry. In the passing 28 odd years, SSC has exerted itself to research innovative additives up to the very demand of customers. Sound relationship has been established between SSC and our distinguished customers, which not only helps SSC achieve its self-development but also contributes to the take-off of our customers¡¯ corporations.

Nowadays, SSC has 160 round employees and we have cooperative partners (distributors and agents) in most significant markets around the world. As a leading manufacturer in China, We hold a large domestic market-share and we are constantly improving our performance in the international markets.

SSC Tomorrow

SSC has consequently developed to become an internationally active enterprise since its establishment in 1985. At the time being, SSC is flinging itself into innovating its management mechanism and launches much budget into the R&D project as well as environment protective projects.

In the future, SSC aims to play an even more active role in the international markets, to create continuously value for both our customers and employees, and to be the preferred partner for current and emerging market leaders.

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