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  1. Environmental protection principle: Observance of law, full participation, environmental protection, benefiting mankind

2. Discharge: discharge of "three wastes" meets national requirements.

3. Clean production:

  Energy-saving Award as Large Energy-consuming Enterprise

  Qualified Enterprise for Clean Production

  Environmental Projection Friendly Company

  Model Enterprise for Clean Production

4. Environmental protection measures:

  (1) The company has set up a Safety and Environmental Protection Department, and has invested a huge amount in constructing a new sewage treatment station, which will greatly increase the sewage treatment capacity and improve water quality.

  (2) The company will invest more in technical reform to ensure clean production, buy more environmental protection equipments, and organize technological breakthroughs to recycle solid wastes.

  (3) The use of new water curtain dust removal equipment will effectively reduce discharge of sulfur dioxide from boiler and increase coal utilization.

(4) Perfect the clean production organization, improve clean production management system, stipulate continuous clean production plan, and overall implement clean production program. 



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