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Cameo Agent BBM and BBWK are poly-acrylate which may be used to produce hammer tone powder coatings. BBWK distinguishes itself from BBM by producing more uneven surface.

BBM and BBWK doní»t contain any silicons.

Technical data:


BBM fine grains

Softening point


Solid Content




Both BBM and BBWK can be applied in Epoxy, Hybrid and Polyester powder coatings systems, and they must be dry blended with the coatings. The appearance of surface is relevant to the dosage and particle size of agents, and the dosage of agents is generally 0.1~2wt% of the whole formulation.

Suggested Formulation:

Formulation A:

Epoxy Resin

30.0 wt%

Polyester Resin

30.0 wt%


38.9 wt%


0.40 wt%

Carbon black

0.70 wt%

*The above materials shall be fully mixed, extruded, ground, and then sieved through 150 mesh sieve.

Formulation B:

BBM: 0.5~1% of the whole formulation, 150 mesh sieve;

Copper powder: 0.3~1% (200 mesh or other pigments);

The end coatings is formulated with A & B, which shall be dry blended first for use later.


Available in polyethylene-lined, multi-ply paper bags, N.W. 20KGS/Bag.

Storage and Handling:

Store in cool and dry place.
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