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Home > Products > Leveling SeriesLeveling Additive BLC701 & BLC701B


I      Description

      BLC701 & BLC701B are copolymer of methyl-methacrylate and butyl-acrylate. They are synergist for powder coatings and work in combination with currently used leveling agent to correct imperfections in powder such as poor leveling, surface craters, orange peels, pinholes, fisheyes, etc.


II     Technical data

BLC701 & BLC701B

Test Method




White or yellowish granule/powder

Softening Point

GB/T 4507-1999


Solid Content

GB/T 1725-2008


III    Application  

1. BLC701 is mixed by BLC701B and special ingredient which further improves its storability.

2. They can be used in all system of powder coatings to improve compatibility property and eliminate craters.

3. In certain applications where the formulator has used lower cost resins to reduce the raw material cost of its     formulation, various quality problems can occur due to the resulting inconsistent batch qualities such as poor flow, craters and orange peels. BLC701 and BLC701B contain certain polar group and has strong interfacial activity, and they can provide wetting function for polar ingredients and substrates.

4. No need for complete reformulation. Just pre-blend BLC701B with other ingredients and then homogenize the mixture in the extruder.

5. It is important to understand that BLC701 and BLC701B are synergistic leveling additive and must be used together with leveling agent (like GLP588) together.

6. The dosage in formulation is about 0.5~1.5%wt.


IV    Package, Storage & Handling

Available in polyethylene-lined, multi-ply paper bags, N.W.25KGS/Bag, 625KG/PLT, 12.5MT/FCL.

           Keep in the cool and dry place, keep away from fire.

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