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I  Description

Matt hardener XG603-1A is the salts of poly-carboxylic acid with cyclic amidine. Applied in suitable formulations it can produce matt or semi-matt gloss with very good flow and properties.

II  Technical data

III  Application

1 XG603-1A can be applied both in pure epoxy and hybrid (epoxy-polyester) powder coatings. Gloss ranges from 5~10% in Epoxy coatings and 10~70% in Hybrid coatings.

2 Coatings produced with XG603-1A are characterized by color and gloss stability under normal baking conditions.

3 Hybrid coating with matt or semi-matt gloss may be achieved by replacing some of the polyester in the formulation with an equivalent quantity of XG603-1A.

IV  Recommended Formula 

V  Package, Storage & Handling

Available in polyethylene-lined, multi-ply paper bags, N.W. 20KGS/Bag.

Store in closed containers; avoid contact with skin and eyes; wear dust mask when operating.




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